Biotoxin analysis methods for Paralytic Shellfish Toxin (PST) (2020-02)

Date of issue: 06 March 2019

Date of effect: immediate


  • State Shellfish Control Agencies (SCA’s) - State Regulatory Authorities
  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment—Certification Integrity Unit, Export Standards (Food and Animal By-Products Section)


To notify of a new method that can be used by SCA’s for PST analysis of bivalve molluscan shellfish in export listed harvest areas.

PST Analysis methods for export listed harvest areas

The HILIC – MS/MS method for determination of PST in bivalve shellfish (Boundy et al. 2015, Turner et al. 2015) may now be used for PST analysis in bivalve shellfish from export listed harvest areas providing the laboratory is NATA accredited for this method.


  • The method was first published in 2015: Boundy et al. (2015), Journal of Chromotography A, 1387. Turner et al. (2015), Journal of AOAC International, 98.
  • An inter-laboratory study has completed: Turner et al. (2020). Journal of AOAC International, 103.
  • The method is now permitted in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (ASQAP) Operations Manual 2019 (domestic standard).
  • The Lawrence Method (AOAC Official Method 2005.06) remains an accepted method for analysis of PST in export listed harvest areas.

Further information

Contact Dairy eggs fish if you have any questions regarding this notice.

Last reviewed: 6 March 2020
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