Meat Notices 2020

Note: This list displays current notices only.​​

Meat Notices 2020
Number Description Date of Effect Review
MN20-05 Cysticercus ovis disposition- Alignment with Australian Standard 4696:2007 24 September 2020 September 2022
MN20-04 China - Reinforced importing country requirement compliance 28 August 2020 August 2022
MN20-03 Establishment sourcing of stock to comply with importing country requirements for cadmium levels in offals 31 January 2020 January 2022
MN20-02 Sourcing of animals from PICs with “Cotton Trash (CTP)” or Cotton Trash Warning (CTW)” status 22 January 2020 January 2022
​MN20-01 Gunshot wound incident reporting – Kangaroo processing establishments 14 January 2020 14 January 2022

UFN = Until Further Notice​​​​​ ​

Last reviewed: 24 September 2020
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