2021-05 - Export Control Act 2020 - Changes to arrangements for listing establishments/exporters for non-prescribed goods

4 March 2021


This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is to provide guidance to industries and exporters about changes to listing arrangements for establishments and exporter for non-prescribed goods (NPGs) under the new Export Control Act 2020.

Key points

From 28 March 2021, Australia’s agricultural, fishery, forestry and food exports will be regulated under the Export Control Act 2020 and the Export Control Rules.

The Act defines prescribed goods. Prescribed goods are goods that are regulated by the Act and the Rules. The Rules list which goods are prescribed goods. All other goods are non-prescribed goods.

What is not changing?

The existing listing and audit arrangements are not changing.

The products and markets for which listing (and if applicable audit) is required is not changing. These requirements are set by the importing country and can change at any time.

For some NPGs to some markets, the importing country requires additional government oversight of establishments and/or ongoing verification of compliance with importing country requirements. The department has arrangements to list establishments/exporters to assist with meeting importing country requirements for NPGs. This program is administrative and not a requirement of Australian export legislation.

Listing requirements are outlined in the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor).

What is changing?

Refreshed new listing and continue/amend listing forms

Establishments and exporters seeking to be listed for export or seeking to continue or amend their listing are still required to submit a form to the department.

However, the forms have been refreshed to remove references to the old export legislation and to make them more user friendly. The forms will be available on the department’s website from 28 March 2021.

Form - Application for export listing of establishments manufacturing/exporting non-prescribed goods
Form – Continuation or amendment of export listing for establishments manufacturing/exporting non-prescribed goods

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this IAN please email NPGExports@awe.gov.au  

Deb Langford
Assistant Secretary
Residues and Food Exports Branch
Exports and Veterinary Services Division
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 


Last reviewed: 4 March 2021
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