Industry Advice Notice no. 2002/15: Work Instruction: Inspection of Forest Products for Export

​Issue date: 22 July 2002

AQIS has developed a work instruction ‘Inspection of Forest Products for Export’ that provides sampling and inspection standards which, in conjunction with the Grain, Plants and Plant Product Orders will maintain Australia’s export certification integrity. This work instruction will also form the basis of inspection and sampling procedures used in co-regulation agreements between AQIS and Industry.


The adoption and implementation of this work instruction will provide the sampling and inspection standards by which AQIS will certify forest products for export. The Work Instruction can be followed by exporters who wish to adopt a Co-Regulation Agreement with AQIS. The option of a Co-Regulation Agreement will enable export clients to tailor their inspection and certification requirements to each Companies ability to meet legislative requirements in a cost effective manner.


1. Effective 1 September all Forest Products Export Establishments will be required to be operating under one of the following options for sampling and inspection of Forest Products: 

(i) Co-regulation Agreement: (Full CA): Inspection and Export Certification of Forest Products. 

(ii) Inspection by AQIS authorised inspectors as per the Grain, Plants and Plant Product Orders (1985)and in accordance with the work instruction ‘Inspection of Forest Products for Export’

Note. All documents relating to Co- Regulation agreements are available from Plant Programs section.

Inspection of Forest Products for Export

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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