Industry Advice Notice no. 2002/17: Certificate as to Condition EX46

​Issue date 19 August 2002

This notice is to advise industry of the change in the requirements for issuing a certificate of condition (EX46) for grain, grain products, fresh fruit and vegetables.


The policy for issuing of health certificates is to use an EX46 (Certificate as to Condition) and its derivatives for prescribed grain, grain products, fresh fruit and vegetables and a EX188 (Declaration and Certificate as to Condition) for non prescribed goods including grain and grain products. In the past it has been assumed that the registration system and systems of inspection in place for establishments producing prescribed grains, grain products, fresh fruit and vegetables for exports were believed sufficient for AQIS to provide direct attestation (i.e. an AQIS officers signature) on an EX46 that the products are “fit for human consumption, in sound condition, of Australian origin” and comply with the regulations or Orders under the Export Control Act.


Recent events have arisen that indicate that we can no longer directly attest to the product being ‘fit for human consumption’. Additional testing and food safety standards are required before statements relating to human consumption are added to the Certificate as to Condition. This procedure will assist in ensuring certificate integrity. The practice of issuing a standard EX46 with the statement ‘fit for human consumption’ ruled through or crossed out has caused confusion with overseas NPPO’s and is to be discontinued.


  1. Exporters and agents when required to use Certificates as to Condition (EX46) are advised to use the EX46 grain and grain products template from the AFFA Website. This has had the statement ‘fit for human consumption’ removed from the certificate.
  2. ‘Fit for human consumption’ statements will only be considered if it is a Government to Government requirement, all requests are to be referred to Plant Programs Section for consideration.

DAFF Website for Forms

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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