Industry Advice Notice no. 2002/18: Exports of Grain, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Plants and Plant Products to East Timor

​Issue date 29 August 2002


To advise Industry that the export requirements for grain, plant and plant products exports to East Timor as contained in IAN 2002/16 will not be implemented and the Advice Note is to be revoked.


The Program has been in contact with the East Timor government authorities to ascertain what there import requirements are and we have been advised that whilst the government is progressing with both customs and quarantine requirements no legislation has yet been written and therefore the requirements are not yet finalised.

Exporters however should be aware that these matters are being progressed and in the medium term it can be expected that changes to the existing import conditions for grain, plant and plant products and fresh fruits and vegetables could be anticipated.


  1. The advice contained in IAN 2002/16 is to be revoked immediately.
  2. Exports of grain, plant and plant produce and fresh fruits and vegetables may be permitted on EX28/EX222’s as long as interstate quarantine requirements have been met.
  3. The Program will keep industry informed of any further changes to the export of horticulture commodities as these become known.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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