Industry Advice Notice no. 2003/04: Change in requirements for the export of Plant Products to East Timor

​Issue Date: 28 April 2003


To advise Industry of the change in export requirements for fruit and vegetables, grains, nursery stock, and cut flowers exports to East Timor.


During the withdrawal of Indonesian authority from East Timor and the uptake of Authority by the United Nations there was an urgent and immediate humanitarian need to ensure the most rapid passage of food and agricultural products directly to the East Timorese and associated aid agencies supplying this humanitarian aid.  Additionally, there was a need to ensure the rapid supply of food products to the INTERFET forces that were providing security during this process.

As a result of this urgent humanitarian need, AQIS had temporarily waived the established controls applying to the export of food and agricultural products.


The East Timor Ministry of Agriculture has now advised AQIS that they have implemented new import clearance controls.  The interim set of conditions has been published at the following website:  (click on MAFF/Agriculture to view details in the document “Quarantine Requirements for Timor-Leste”).  The conditions are effective from 12 May 2003.

“Quarantine Requirements for Timor-Leste” specify conditions for the importation of plant products begin on page 56.  Import permit requirements are detailed on pages 81 and 82.


Effective from 12 May 2003 exports of plant and plant products to East Timor must comply with the Export Control Act 1982 and its subordinate legislation, including the Prescribed Goods (General) Orders and the Fruit and Vegetable Orders and the Grain, Plant and Plant Products Orders (including the issuance of Ex28/RFP or Ex222 where applicable).

Significant features of the change are as follows:

  • cut flowers are now prohibited;   
  • live plants require an Import permit;    
  • fresh fruit and vegetables require a Phytosanitary certificate; and   
  • restrictions on seed for sowing based on prohibited and restricted seed lists.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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