Industry Advice Notice no. 2003/12: Inspection Procedures For Coated Seed For Export

​​​Issue Date: 16 July 2003

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service has issued this notice to inform clients intending to export coated seed of the inspection options that are available to them.

Option 1 – Inspection of seed prior to coating 

Prior to processing a representative sample of the consignment/lot is to be drawn and inspected to ensure that the Australian export and importing country requirements have been met. The coating may then be applied to the seed and the consignment exported.

Option 2 – Inspection after coating

For coated seed that is presented to AQIS there are two inspection options available.

a) This option is available to exporters/packers operating under a co-regulation sampling arrangement. The coated seed sample should be

  1. accompanied by an uncoated sample drawn from the same lot or batch that has been coated and is intended for export;
  2. presented in a sealed bag that is clearly labelled; and
  3. accompanied by appropriate documentation to verify that the uncoated sample has been drawn from the same lot or batch that has been coated and is intended for export

AQIS will select a sample of the coated seed and remove the coating to verify that the seed is the same as the uncoated sample. Both the coated and uncoated samples will be inspected to ensure that the requirements of the importing country have been met. All documentation will be thoroughly checked to make sure that clear linkages exist between the coated and uncoated seed. 


b) If coated seed is presented to AQIS for inspection and an uncoated sample of seed is not provided. The exporter will need to sample the coated seed in a manner that will ensure that 2.25L/33T of uncoated seed is available for inspection. The client will need to de-coat the seed in the presence of AQIS.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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