Industry Advice Notice no. 2004/03: Fumigation recognition between Australia and New Zealand

​Date issued 3 March 2004

Currently, when AQIS detects actionable eggs (non fruit fly) on New Zealand destined produce during phytosanitary inspection, the consignment is rejected for export. The exporter is given the opportunity to recondition the consignment (the method of reconditioning is at the exporter's discretion). On most occasions the exporter opts to treat the consignment by methyl bromide fumigation. The consignment, along with the fumigation treatment certificate, is then re-presented to AQIS for inspection following exporter delegate inspection.

Upon arrival of consignments in New Zealand, MAFNZ border-staff will detect these eggs (eggs will often appear viable) and have no option but to hold the consignment and the goods are again subject to reconditioning (the method of reconditioning is at the importer's discretion). The importer generally opts to treat the consignment with methyl bromide fumigation for its release. This double fumigation of consignments is unnecessary and quite deleterious to the produce.

Negotiations to rectify this situation have been ongoing for some time and an agreement on mutual fumigation recognition has been reached. Fumigations for surface feeding pests, which have been monitored (under the conditions listed in Attachments 1 & 2) and endorsed on the phytosanitary certificate, will be recognised by NZMAF. Further fumigation will only be carried out when live surface feeding pests are detected.

Treatment centres that would like to be part of this program must be registered with AQIS for this purpose. The details of the fumigation recognition arrangement can be found in Attachment 1 and treatment schedules found in Attachment 2. Treatment centres seeking registration under this new arrangement must be approved by AQIS prior to commencing fumigations, please contact AQIS regional export staff to begin the registration process.

Lois Ransom
Senior Manager, Plant Programs

Contact Officer: Craig Scheibel
Telephone: 02 6272 5307

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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