Industry Advice Notice no. 2006/14 - UPDATE New Indonesian Phytosanitary Requirements

​Date issued - 13 April 2006

This Industry Advice Notice updates IAN 2006/12 regarding the introduction of new Indonesian phytosanitary requirements.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) can confirm that Indonesia have changed its phytosanitary requirements applying to all countries exporting relevant horticulture products to Indonesia effective from 27 March 2006.

The currently accepted treatments for fruit host commodities include:

Onshore cold disinfestation treatment for Queensland fruit fly at: 

  • 0.0°C for 13 consecutive days; or
  • 0.55°C for 14 consecutive days; or
  • 1.1°C for 18 consecutive days.

Onshore cold disinfestation for Mediterranean fruit fly at:

  • 0.0°C for 12 consecutive days; or
  • 0.55°C for 13 consecutive days; or
  • 1.1°C for 14 consecutive days; or
  • 1.6°C for 16 consecutive days; or
  • 2.2°C for 18 consecutive days.

Fumigation with methyl bromide at 

  • 32 gm3 at 21°C for 2 hrs; or
  • 40 gm3 at 16-20°C for 2 hrs; or
  • 48 gm3 at 11-15° C for 2 hrs.

All consignments of fruit fly host commodities to Indonesia must be certified to these treatment schedules.

Recognition of all pest free areas for fruit flies subject to confirmation by Indonesia. 

The use of intransit cold disinfestation is not an option.

DAFF is negotiating the status of both area freedom and intransit cold disinfestation.

Indonesian conditions also allow for vapour heat treatment (VHT) as an option, exporters wishing to use VHT should contact AQIS on the details below.

For clarification on export conditions please contact the AQIS Horticulture Exports Program on the details provided below.

Jeanine Crowther
Manager, Horticulture Export Program 

Contact officer: Adam Powell 
Phone: (02) 6272 4137
Facsimile: (02) 6272 3745

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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