Industry Advice Notice no. 2006/35: Users Guide to the PHYTO database

​​Date issued - 15 November 2006

This Industry Advice Notice updates IAN 2000/037 regarding the use of the PHYTO database.

To assist exporters in using the PHYTO database, a guide has been prepared which details the various sections of the PHYTO database and how to locate the information easily and quickly.

The guide to the PHYTO database is available on the AQIS web site at under the following path:

- Plants/Grains and Horticulture link

go to:

  • Exporting Plants/Grains and Horticulture link

go to:

  • PHYTO Database - Plants and Plant Products Export Conditions

go to:

  • Users Guide to the Phyto Database document

Jeanine Crowther
Manager, Horticulture Export Program

Contact Officer: Phyto Adm​​inistrator
Last reviewed: 20 April 2021
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