Industry Advice Notice no. 2006/38: Certification of Plant-Based Stockfeed - EX188 Additional Declaration

​Date issued: 16 October 2006

This Industry Advice Notice is to advise industry of the information required for the inclusion of an additional declaration attesting to the absence of ingredients of animal origin on EX188 certificates issued for plant-based stockfeed.

Certain importing country quarantine authorities require additional certification attesting to the absence of ingredients of animal origin in plant-based stockfeed. AQIS will only issue such certification where the exporter can verify that it is an official requirement of the importing country.

The following is considered the minimal information necessary to enable AQIS to issue this certification.

1. The exporter must provide an official statutory declaration or a manufacturer's declaration from the manufacturer. The statutory declaration or manufacturer's declaration must be issued for each shipment by the manufacturer and must be signed by a person in management control at the manufacturing facility who is capable of attesting to such a statement. 

2. The statutory declaration or manufacturer's declaration must provide the following information for each line to be certified for each shipment:

  • clearly identify the products for which certification is required including lot/batch numbers and quantity,
  • provide a list of all ingredients for each of the lines to be certified; and
  • state that "the products identified on this declaration contain no ingredients of animal origin ". 

3. The exporter must also provide a completed EX188 with the additional declaration: "the products identified on this certificate contain no ingredients of animal origin". The EX188 must adequately identify the product lot being certified, including details of the respective manufacturers in the field titled "Manufacturer".

4. If all of the above requirements are satisfied, the AQIS authorised officer may then issue an EX188 (signed by the exporter) with the inclusion of the additional declaration.

Leanne Payne 
A/g Program Manager 
Grain and Plant Products Exports 

Contact Officer: Dave Ryan
Telephone: 02 6272 4976
Facsimile: 02 6272 3745

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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