Industry Advice Notice no. 2006/39: Requirements for plants and plant products exported to India concerning soil and prohibited weed seeds

​Date issued: 18.10.06

This Industry Advice Notice is to clarify the requirements that apply to plants and plant products being exported to India in relation to soil and prohibited weed seeds.

The Indian government has formally advised AQIS of the removal of Clause 10(1) from import permits for plants and plant products. Clause 10(1) required consignments to be free from soil, weed species and plant debris.

Removal of this clause from the import permit does not remove Australia’s obligation to certify that the commodity has met India’s requirements under the Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order 2003 in relation to soil and weed seeds prohibited under Schedule VIII. However, such consignments are no longer required to be certified as free from plant debris.

Note: Industry should note that India’s relaxation order for weed seeds prohibited under Schedule VIII applies only to the export of wheat to India. The export of any other regulated plants or plant products must be free of all weed species prohibited under Schedule VIII.

Leanne Payne
A/g Program Manager
Grain and Plant Products Export Program

Contact: Dave Ryan
Telephone: 02 6272 4976
Facsimile: 02 6272 3745

Contact: Dave Fouracre
Telephone: 02 6272 5968
Facsimile: 02 6272 3745

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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