2011-04 - Plant Export Operations - Egypt - Electronically Generated Phytosanitary Certificates

​21 January 2011

This Industry Advice Notice is to advise that the Central Administration of Plant Quarantine, Ministry of Agriculture – Egypt, will now accept manual and electronically generated Phytosanitary certificates for all horticulture, grain and plant products exported from Australia.

Export certification that has been generated electronically through the EXDOC system will be the preferred mode of documentation for horticulture, grain and plant product exports to Egypt. Manual phytosanitary certification will be available as a non preferred option, however it is recommended that exporter move towards generating export documentation via the EXDOC system.

Exporters wanting to use EXDOC (and not already registered) will need to contact the Plant Exports electronic certification team.

Once registered with EXDOC, those exporters who are not Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Users or do not have access to operate in the Exdoc environment will have the following options:

  • Adopt EXDOC capacity within your business by becoming an EDI User. This will require registering with AQIS as an EDI User after procuring accredited third party software. This will enable the exporter to operate in the Exdoc ‘test’ environment initially and then migrate to the Exdoc ‘production’ environment once testing has been successfully completed.
  • Employ the services of an agent who is already a registered and approved EDI User to create electronic export certification on your behalf.

Ray Elson
Horticulture Exports Program
Plant Export Operations

David Fouracre
Acting Manager
Grain & Seed Exports Program
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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