2011-47 - Enterprise Agreement Negotiations & Industrial Action Sept 9 - Sept 16

​5 September 2011

Enterprise Agreement Negotiations & Industrial Action 

Who is affected by this notice?

This notice is for all AQIS clients.

What's the issue?

Industrial action has been taken by DAFF staff who are Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU) members while the department’s Enterprise Agreement continues to be negotiated.

The department has received notices from the CPSU of further bans which apply from Friday 9 September up to and including Friday 16 September 2011.

These bans for CPSU members are:

  • A ban on travel away from the regular workplace before 9.00am and after 4.30pm (including but not limited to mobile/field operations inspectors); and
  • A ban on the working of overtime duty (excluding shift workers) above 37.5 hours.

Bans may be taken by CPSU members at all classifications (other than those employees performing shiftwork).

Bans are not work stoppages. The Department will attempt to find alternative duties for staff participating in a range of work bans, however, due to the extended nature and duration of the bans, this may not be possible in all circumstances, resulting in some staff being stood down from duties.

Travel bans and overtime will not relate to staff that perform travel or overtime as part of their normal business as usual activities.

The Department will be minimising the impact on our staff, clients and stakeholders and is expected that operations will continue during periods of industrial action

The Department remains confident that an agreement with the CPSU can be reached.

For further assistance, please contact your regional AQIS office.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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