2012-23 - Plant Export Operations - Live pests and contaminants (Reissue)

​29 May 2012


To remind industry again of IAN 2012/19 that prescribed goods must be free from live pests and contaminants before the goods are presented for export inspection.


Overseas plant protection organisations have recently advised DAFF Biosecurity of unacceptable levels of contaminants in a number of grain shipments.

Exporter’s responsibilities

  1. Exporters must ensure that any goods intended for export must not contain live pests including insects, snails, rodents and their waste, animal carcases or other contaminants above levels specified by the importing country.
  2. Exporters must not present goods to an authorised officer for inspection if goods are known to be contaminated with live pests or any other contaminant. In certain cases exporters may need to screen product to ensure goods meet this requirement.
  3. If exporters are unsure of export conditions please refer to the Manual of Importing Country Requirements prior to locating goods for export.

Authorised officer’s responsibilities

  1. Authorised officers must inspect goods and be satisfied that there are no live pests or contaminants above specified tolerances before the goods can be passed as export compliant.

For any further details please contact Grain & Seed Export program on (02) 6272 3229.

Kylie Calhoun
A/g Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations
Contact Grain Export

Last reviewed: 20 April 2021
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