2012-28 - Plant Export Operations - Duration of export compliance

​6 July 2012


To remind industry that prescribed goods passed as export compliant cease to be export compliant if the period between inspection and export exceeds 28 days.


The Export Control (Plant and Plant Products) Order 2011,Part 5, 17.1 and 18. mandates that re-inspection of prescribed goods is required if more than 28 days passes between inspection and export. Therefore export certification, including phytosanitary certificates cannot be issued after this period without reinspection.

Note: Containers also have a finite 28 day period for approval. This is revalidated when prescribed goods are loaded into the container (see Work Instruction ‘Inspection of prescribed grain and plant products for export’ for further information).

Exporter’s responsibilities

  1. Exporters should ensure that prescribed goods are exported from Australia within 28 days of being passed as export compliant.
  2. Exporters should advise the authorised officer in writing that the goods are being resubmitted for inspection if the 28 day period has lapsed or is likely to lapse before export.

Authorised Officer responsibilities

  1. Inspect goods and if passed as export compliant, specify a period of 28 days on the export inspection record.

For any further details please contact Grain & Seed Export program on (02) 6272 3229.

Kylie Calhoun
A/g Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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