2012-50 - Plant Export Operations - Requirements for exporter details on Phytosanitary certificates and Import permits

​13 December 2012


To advise industry and Authorised Officers of the requirements relating to exporter details on phytosanitary certificates. This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) rescinds IAN No. 2011/10.


Australia, as a signatory to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has an obligation to adhere to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM’s) and ensure that exporter information provided on Australian issued phytosanitary certificates complies with ISPM No. 12.

ISPM No. 12 – Guidelines for Phytosanitary Certificates (2001) requires that the name and address of the exporter be located in the exporting country. This information identifies the source of the consignment to facilitate “trace back” and audit by the exporting National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO).

Key Points

The following requirements are for all plant and plant product exports (grain & horticulture):

  1. Australian phytosanitary certificates can only be issued for exporters with an Australian address
  2. The name and address of an exporter’s local agent or shipper can be used where an international company with a foreign address is the exporter.

Please note: in some markets, exporter details listed on a phytosanitary certificate not matching the exporter details on the import permit could result in delays to the clearance of consignments on arrival.

Exporter’s Responsibilities

Ensure that the above requirements are taken into consideration when applying for an import permit and/or requesting export documentation, including a phytosanitary certificate.

Authorised Officer Responsibilities

Prior to authorising export documentation, ensure the name and address of the exporter on phytosanitary certificates is located in Australia.

For any further details please phone 02 6272 3229 or email Grain & Seed Export program.

Jenny Dunn
A/g Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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