2013-03 - Grain and Seed Exports - AQSIQ registration for the export of oaten hay to China

​​21 February 2013


To advise export registered establishments intending on preparing and exporting oaten hay to China, of registration audits in April 2013 by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), People’s Republic of China.


In order to strengthen China’s quarantine inspection management of the import and export of feed and feed additives, AQSIQ implemented Administrative Measures of Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision on Import and Export Feed and Feed Additives (AQSIQ Decree No.118). As a result, DAFF export registered establishments intending on preparing and exporting oaten hay to China must be registered with AQSIQ.

Key points

AQSIQ will conduct registration audits in April 2013 of Australian export establishments wishing to export oaten hay to China that are not currently registered with AQSIQ. Establishments requesting AQSIQ registration will be subject to an on-site audit by AQSIQ officials as part of the registration process. All costs associated with the AQSIQ officials (travel and accommodation) are to be borne by industry. Those who are currently registered can be found listed on the website.

Export registered establishment responsibilities

  1. Advise Grain and Seed Exports Program by 1 March 2013 to request registration by AQSIQ.

Exporter responsibilities

  1. Ensure preparation and export inspection of consignments of oaten hay for export to China are conducted at DAFF export registered establishments registered with AQSIQ.

For any further details please contact Grain & Seed Export program on +61 2 6272 3229 or email Grain Export.

Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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