2013-12 Business Systems Program - Exporting Plants and Plant Products: A Step by Step Guide for Australian Exporters

​25 March 2013


To advise exporters and Plant Export stakeholders of the development of the guide Exporting plants and plant products: A step-by-step guide for Australian exporters.


A step-by-step guide to exporting has been developed for Plant Exports. The guide takes exporters through the export inspection and certification process. It will assist in exporting plants and plant products from Australia. Exporters should familiarise themselves with the guide prior to exporting their goods. 


This reference guide, Exporting plants and plant products: A step-by-step guide for Australian exporters, has been developed to assist exporters in understanding their obligations under the Australian export legislation and what they must do to remain compliant. The guide takes exporters through the entire plant export process, from identifying if their goods are prescribed through to inspection and export.

The guide also contains links to the forms and documents exporters will need to export their goods from Australia.

For further information please contact the relevant program at grain.export@daff.gov.au or horticultureexportsprogramACT@daff.gov.au.

Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 20 April 2021
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