2013/53 - Plant Exports - Temporary Recommendation to use Manual Phytosanitary Certificates to Russia - Rescinding of Industry Advice Notice 2013/45

​23 December 2013

This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) updates previous advice in IAN No. 2013/45.


To advise industry that Plant Export Operations has confirmed that Russian quarantine authorities are accepting electronically issued phytosanitary certificates for plants and plant products, and that Industry Advice Notice 2013/45 is rescinded.


In October 2013, some regional Russian quarantine authorities were not recognising the electronically issued phytosanitary certificate. Plant Export Operations recommended the issuance of manual certification, and for those exporters who would normally apply for an electronically issued phytosanitary certificate, the department would invoice the electronic certification rate.

Key issues

Electronically issued phytosanitary certification is again being accepted by the Russian National Plant Protection Organisation.

Exporters who elect to have a manual phytosanitary certificate issued will be invoiced at the current charge of $100 for each phytosanitary certificate and export permit issued, plus applicable fee-for-service from Monday, 13 January 2014.

For further enquiries please email Plant Exports.


Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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