2015-13 - Plant Exports – Phytosanitary certification for Citrus fruits to Malaysia

14 April 2015


To provide an update to industry of the product coding required for submitting Requests for Permits for citrus fruits to Malaysia.


Industry Advice Notice 2015/05 issued 15 January 2015 is rescinded following an enhancement to EXDOC.

Key Points

  • An enhancement has been made to EXDOC to address the issue of providing Phytosanitary certification for Malaysia using the original citrus fruit coding.
  • All original citrus fruit coding has been re-instated in EXDOC for certification to Malaysia.
  • The EXDOC codes for citrus fruits created as an interim, and notified in Industry Advice Notice 2015/05 have been revoked.
  • This change becomes effective immediately.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact EXDOC Plant Programs at Exdoc Plant Programs


Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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