2015-17 - Horticulture Exports – Suspension of in-transit cold treatment for fresh fruit to New Caledonia

10 April 2015


To advise industry that, until further notice, the Department of Agriculture is unable to issue certification of fresh fruit exports to New Caledonia under in-transit cold treatment.

Key Points

The New Caledonian National Plant Protection Organisation has advised that they will no longer be accepting consignments of fresh fruit exported under in-transit cold treatment from Australia.

The suspension is for fresh fruit exported under in-transit cold treatment only. Exports treated using on-shore cold treatment are still permitted.

The Department of Agriculture is currently engaging with New Caledonian officials to explore possible options for the reinstatement of the in-transit cold treatment pathway.

If you have any queries please contact the Horticulture Exports Program on (02) 6272 5308 or email Horticulture Exports Program ACT


Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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