2015-28 – Grain and Seed Exports Program – Quality Systems Recognition of highly processed plant products for export

7 July 2015​


To advise that the department is now seeking applications from industry for recognition of Export Registered Establishments with quality systems for highly processed plant products that meet phytosanitary requirements.


The Department of Agriculture has committed to streamlining regulatory activities for industry where appropriate. Registered establishments with audited quality systems may be approved by the department where they meet phytosanitary sampling and inspection requirements at the time of export.

Highly processed products are eligible for Quality Systems Recognition (QSR). Processing must mitigate phytosanitary risks and products must be presented for export in secure packaging. Each registered establishment must have a quality system/s that includes sampling and inspection procedures that meet departmental and importing country phytosanitary requirements. The quality system must be able to demonstrate a nil tolerance for pests and contaminants.

Examples of highly processed products include macadamia kernels, rolled oats, flour and plant based oils. Other products that also meet the requirements may considered.

Early adopters of QSR will influence future updates to the policy guideline.

Key Points

The department encourages registered establishments interested in applying for QSR to apply to the department’s Grain and Seed Exports Program. Please contact Grain Export or phone 02 6272 3229 for more information.


Peter Creaser
A/g Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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