2015-31 - Horticulture Exports Program – Phytosanitary certification requirements regarding consignee details for exports to New Zealand

10​ July 2015


To advise that the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have clarified requirements for consignee details to appear on phytosanitary certification for plants and plant products.


The Australian and New Zealand governments  have an existing agreement that the phytosantiary certification for exports of plants and plant products must contain the declared name and address of the consignee in the relevant section on the certificate.

Key Points

The phytosanitary certificates for some consignments of plants/plant products arriving in New Zealand have been containing the phrase ‘to order’ in the consignee details section of the certificate. Australia.

New Zealand requires the consignee details section of the certificate to contain the declared name and the address of the importer for traceability purposes.

Effective immediately, all phytosantiary certification must fulfill this requirement.


Peter Creaser
Assistant Secretary (A/g)
Plant Export Operations​

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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