2015-65 - Improvements to Agricultural Export Legislation

​​3 December 2015

Who does this notice affect?

This notice applies to agricultural export industries.


To advise exporters that the Australian Government has announced the development of improvements to agricultural export legislation. No action is required from exporters at this stage.

Key Points

  • The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is developing improvements to agricultural export legislation. Industry will be consulted throughout the development and implementation to ensure proposed changes are supported. Improved legislation will be developed over the next few years and implemented by April 2020.
  • This initiative is the outcome of the agricultural export regulation review (2015/36), which was conducted over the course of 2015 and identified areas for potential improvement.
  • The improvements will establish a contemporary, flexible and efficient legislative framework that supports exporters and farmers. Improvements include:
    • a simpler legislative structure which is easy to understand and can flexibly respond to issues, including changing importing country requirements, and new and emerging commodity markets.
    • a broader range of monitoring, investigation and enforcement powers that will ensure the punishment fits the crime and deter rogue exporters.
    • clearer provisions to perform verification activities across the supply chain.
    • clearer requirements about the appointment and obligations of authorised officers.
  • The improvements will continue to allow for government and industry to work together to manage risk efficiently across the export supply chain.
  • Regulatory burden for exporters is expected to be reduced because of clearer, easier to use legislation and the improved processes it will enable.
  • The changes will not compromise the government’s commitment to provide strong certification assurance, meet importing country requirements or fulfil international trade obligations.
  • Parts of the agricultural export system are the subject of separate reforms, including cost recovery arrangements, livestock export certification and the allocation and administration of quotas. The outcomes of these reforms will be included in the improved legislation.
  • We will provide regular updates during the development of improvements, including through industry consultative committees and notifications.

Further Information

​Visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ website at Export regulation review

Email: Export legislation

Phone: 1800 900 090

Carol Cribb

A/g Assistant Secretary

Trade and Market Access Strategy Branch

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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