2016-56 - Authorised Officer Programme – Authorised officer expiry dates

11 October 2016


To remind Plant Export authorised officers of their obligations in relation to their appointments.


When a person becomes appointed as a Plant Export Authorised Officer (AO), they are issued with a legally binding Instrument of appointment.  This document appoints a person as an Authorised Officer under the Export Control Act 1982 and provides them with the necessary powers under the Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Order 2011 to undertake the tasks required of them as an AO. 

The document includes an expiry date and once this expiry date is reached, a person’s appointment expires and they no longer hold the powers required to undertake the tasks required of them as an AO. 

Authorised officers are sent an email 3 months prior to their expiry date, providing them with necessary documentation and information to ensure their continued appointment post their original expiry date.

A $250 approval fee applies to reappointments and this fee must be paid before the reappointment process can be continued.

A person who holds an expired Instrument of appointment is no longer an authorised officer and must NOT undertake any AO tasks. Inspections carried out by them will be rejected.

Authorised officer responsibilities

All AOs must:

  • Be able to locate their Instrument of appointment and check the expiry date on it. If the expiry date has passed, that person is no longer an AO and should contact Plant Export Training
  • Ensure that the Authorised Officer Programme always has their most up to date contact details by using an AO update details form which can be found on the department’s website at AO update details form​ ​- Australian Pla​nt Exports
  • Read all emails from the Authorised Officer Programme and action as required
  • Only undertake the tasks required of them as an AO if they hold an Instrument of appointment thathas not expired. All inspections conducted by a person after the expiry of their Instrument of appointment will be rejected.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this IAN please email: Plant Export Training


Dr Chris Parker
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations Branch

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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