2017-16 - Horticulture Exports Program – Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to New Zealand

28 April 2017


The purpose of this Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is to remind Authorised Officers (AOs) and registered entities under the Bilateral Quarantine Arrangement Systems Operation Manual 6E (BQASOM) of their responsibilities when exporting fresh fruit and vegetables to New Zealand.

Summary of changes and key points

  • It is a requirement of an AOs instrument of appointment that they must comply with their Deed of Obligations (Deed). This includes following the department’s instructional material such as that outlined on the Plant Export Operations Manual.
  • Section 4.1 of the Deed also requires that AOs perform their functions personally, in good faith and with due care and professional skill.
  • AOs are to inspect product for rots, weed seeds, scale, contaminants such as soil, and arthropods in any form from eggs to adults.
  • Any samples found to contain pests, soil, weed seeds or contaminants must result in the consignment being rejected.
  • The rejection must be recorded on an Export Compliance Record.


The department is concerned about a number of recent interceptions of live regulated pests in New Zealand.

Authorised Officers responsibilities

AOs deeded to inspect fresh fruit and vegetables for export must ensure they follow the department’s instructional material including:

  • Work instruction: Approved arrangement in-line sampling and phytosanitary inspection procedures for export certification of prescribed good
  • Work instruction: Sampling and inspection for export certification of completed consignments and lots (fresh fruit and vegetables)
  • Work instruction: Inspection of protocol fruit and vegetables for export
  • Plant Export Operations Manual Volume 9 Commodity inspections - Horticulture.

BQASOM registered entity responsibilities

Growers, packhouses, treatment facilities, freight forwarders and exporters who are required to be registered must follow requirements outlined in their specific sections of the BQASOM.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this IAN please email: Horticulture Exports Program.


Dr Chris Parker
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations Branch

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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