2018-11 - Grain and Seed Export Program – Establishment Hygiene and Rodent Management

12 April 2018


The purpose of this Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is to remind exporters and grain handlers to remain vigilant regarding establishment hygiene and in the management of rodents.

Key points

  • Rodent numbers are reported to be higher than normal in cropping regions for this time of year due to mild weather and a reasonable supply of food.
  • Rodent activity must be monitored regularly to ensure pest control measures are sufficient and are effective. Grain handlers and exporters must ensure adequate pest control measures are in place at Export Registered Establishments (establishment).
  • Establishment hygiene must be maintained to a high standard. Establishment registrations may be suspended immediately for poor hygiene (including rodent) concerns. Suspensions may also impact registration for export with particular countries.
  • There is a nil tolerance for live or dead rodents when presenting grain or other plant products for export. Grain handlers and exporters are required under the Export Control Act 1982 to prepare and present export compliant goods to an Authorised Officer at the time of inspection.
  • The Grains Research and Development Corporation has a number of resources available to assist with monitoring and managing rodents. Search resources or publication for “Better Mouse Management” for more information.


Rodent numbers are reported to be at high levels across southern Australian cropping regions and exporters are reminded that rodents, dead or alive, are not tolerated in exported product. 

Contact information

For more information on this IAN or to arrange a meeting with us, email the Grain Export Program or call us on 02 6272 3229.

Mr David Ironside
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations Branch

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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