2020-74 - Horticulture Exports Program – Requirements for Indonesia Recommendations to Import Horticulture and Import Licences

11 December 2020


This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is for all Australian horticulture exporters sending product to Indonesia that require Indonesian importers to apply for a Recommendation to Import Horticulture (RIPH) from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and an import licence from the Ministry of Trade (MoT).

Summary of changes and key points

  • The Indonesian Government has provided advice for RIPH and import licence applications for the import year 2020–2021.
  • The importer should make separate applications for each country, that is, application specific to Australian product.
  • A country-specific application will enable Indonesia to process applications more efficiently and effectively. This also allows for easier follow-up should any issues or delays be encountered during processing.
  • We understand other trading partners are advising a similar course of action.
  • The online system for applying for recommendations is open and will remain open until November 2021.
  • We advise Australian horticulture exporters to work with their Indonesian importers and encourage them to submit a separate application for Australian products.


In the 2019–20 import year, Indonesian fruit and vegetable importers experienced difficulties obtaining RIPH and import licences from the Indonesian MoA and MoT for many horticultural commodities.

We have been advised that multiple country requests in one application may have contributed to the difficulties experienced in 2019–20.

Contact information

If you have questions regarding this IAN please email Market Coordination and Strategy.

David Ironside
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations Branch


Last reviewed: 11 December 2020
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