2021-15 - Indonesia Country Recognition Arrangement – Renewal of Australia's Country Recognition Arrangement with Indonesia

28 April 2021


This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is to advise Australia plant and plant product industry stakeholders of the renewal of Australia's Country Recognition Arrangement (CRA) with Indonesia.

Summary of changes and key points

  • On 22 April 2021, Australia’s CRA with Indonesia, which recognises Australia's food safety systems for fresh food of plant origin, was renewed.
  • The renewed CRA is valid from 27 April 2021 for 3 years.
  • The renewed CRA and table of the recognised products under the CRA can be found in attachment 1.
  • The food safety requirements for the exportation of recognised products under the CRA to Indonesia are
    • Every consignment must be accompanied by Prior Notice issued by the Australian exporters or their representative in Australia.
    • Prior Notice must be issued before the product arrives in Indonesia.


Australia’s CRA arrangement with Indonesia allows listed fresh food of plant origin to be exported to Indonesia with reduced testing/inspection, and preferential port access.

Australia’s CRA with Indonesia was first established in 2009 and has been continuously renewed every 3 years as per Indonesia’s ministerial decree requirements.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this IAN please email Plant Market Access.

Jodie McAlister
Assistant Secretary
Agriculture Trade and Market Access Branch

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Attachment 1: Table of recognised products under the CRA

No. Commodity (English/Indonesian)
 1. Grapes/Anggur
 2. Avocado/Alpukat
 3. Apple/Apel
 4. Apricot/Aprikot
 5. Blackberries/Blackberries
 6. Blueberries/Blueberries
 7. Figs/Buah Ara (Buah Tin)
 8. Boysenberry/Boysenberry
 9. Cherries/Ceri
10. Grapefruit/Grapefruit
11. Oranges/Jeruk
12. Limes/Jeruk Nipis
13. Mandarin/Jeruk Mandarin
14. Kiwifruit/Kiwi
15. Lychee/Litchi or Leci
16.  Lemon/Lemon
17.  Mango/Mangga
18.  Pineapple/Nanas
19.  Nectarine/Nektarin
20.  Papaya/Pepaya
21.  Peach/Persik
22.  Persimmon/Persimmon
23.  Pear/Fir
24. Plum/Plum
25. Prunes/Prunes
26. Raspberries, red or black/Rasberries, Merah, Hitam
27. Custard Apple/Srikaya
28.  Strawberry/Stroberri
29.  Artichokes/Articokes
30. Asparagus/Asparagus
31. Onion/Bawang Bombay
32.  Spinach/Bayam
33. Beetroot/Bit
34. Broccoli/Brokoli
35. Cauliflower/Bunga Kol
Peppers Chili/Cabai
36. Dried Peppers Chili/Cabai Kering
37. Chicory/Chicory
38. Leeks/Daun Bawang
39. Sweet Corn/Jagung Manis
Sweet corn (corn-on-the-cob)/Jagung manis dengan tongkolnya
Sweet corn (kernel)/Jagung manis pipilan
40.  Mushrooms/Jamur
41. Lima bean/Kacang Lima
42. Potatoes/Kentang
43. Cabbage/Kubis
Cabbage-head/Kubis Kepala
Cabbage-Savoy/Kubis Savoy
44. Brussels Sprouts/Kubis Brussels
45.  Chinese Cabbage/Kubis Cina
Type pak coi/tipe pak-coi
Type pe-tsai/tipe pe-tsai
46. Turnips/Lobak Cina 
47. Cucumber/Mentimun
48. Paprika/Paprika
49. Parsley/Parsley
50. Lettuce/Selada
Lettuce Leaf/Selada daun
51.  Celery/Seledri
52. Tomato/Tomat
53. Carrot/Wortel
54. Barley/Barley
55. Rice/Beras
Rice Husked/Beras Pecah Kulit
Rice Polished/Beras dipoles (sosoh)
56.  Wheat/Gandum
57.  Maize/Jagung
Maize Flour/Tepung Jagung
58. Oats/Oats
59. Rye/Rye
60. Sorghum/Sorghum
61. Almond/Kacang Almond
62. Hazelnut nuts/Kacang Hazel
63. Macadamia nuts/Kacang Makad amia
64. Pistachio nuts/Kacang Pistachios
65. Peanuts/Kacang Tanali
66. Pecan/Pecan
67. Soybean/Kedelai
68. Mung bean/Kacang Hijau
69.  Peas/Kacang Kapri atau Polong
Last reviewed: 28 April 2021
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