Export meat licence fact sheet

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What is an export meat licence?

An export meat licence grants the holder permission to export specific types of meat overseas for a 12 month period.

Who requires an export meat licence?

Exporters of edible meat, offal (including casings) and or meat products of cattle, sheep or goat are required to hold an export meat licence.

An export meat licence is only required for the meat of species of cattle, sheep or goat.

For information on exporting poultry or game meat you will need to contact by email Audit Services.

Why do I need an export meat licence?

The Export Control Act 2020 requires that a person or company or partnership exporting meat or meat products must be licenced to export meat.

How do I obtain a licence?

An application for an export meat licence.

When you have completed the application, send along with a copy of your AUS-MEAT accreditation and the payment form (if required) to Export Meat Licensing or mail to:

Export Meat Licencing
Meat Exports Branch
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601

What is the assessment process?

Technical competency

A copy of your AUS-MEAT Certificate of Accreditation is acceptable proof.

Provide your Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or Australian Company Number (ACN) as requested on the application form

Integrity competency

The applicant and all nominated persons listed on the application will be assessed by the department under the provisions of the Export Control Act 2020.

How do I obtain AUS-MEAT Accreditation?

Contact the standards industry body, AUS-MEAT Limited for requirements of accreditation:

PO Box 3403
Tingalpa DC QLD 4173

Ph: (07) 3361 9200
Fax: (07) 3361 9222
Or toll free 1800 621 903


What does a licence cost?

The annual export meat licence application levy is $500. This fee does not apply where the applicant is the occupier of a registered export meat establishment.

The credit card payment form.

Other references

For information on how to register as an exporter for electronic export permits.

Last reviewed: 9 April 2021
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