Tasmanian Country Sawmills Assistance Program


Under the Tasmanian Country Sawmills Assistance Program, the Australian Government has provided $3 million to assist Tasmanian country sawmills to adjust to changes in forest resources arising from the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement. Specifically, the program has provided financial assistance for 20 projects that have improved sawlog utilisation rates, added value to Tasmanian forest resources, developed new products, promoted exports and created and maintained long-term employment.
These 20 projects have contributed over $6 million of new investment across the harvesting, processing and value adding sectors of the softwood industry.
The funding available under the Tasmanian Country Sawmills Assistance Program is additional to the $42 million being provided for the wider native forest sector under the Tasmanian Forest Industry Development Program and the $10 million for the softwood sector under the Tasmanian Softwood Industry Development Program.

The guidelines below provide more detailed information on the program.

The program has closed.




Guideline information

Further information/ contact details

Last reviewed: 16 October 2020
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