​​​​​Illegal Logging Webinars

Throughout the second half of 2018, the department hosted a series of webinars on Australia’s illegal logging laws. These events were intended to help businesses and individuals who are importing wood, pulp, or paper products into Australia to better understand their obligations under the laws.

A full recording of these events can be found on the Webinar Recordings webpage.

Before you import timber and wood-based products into Australia, it is important you understand your responsibilities as an importer.

Illegally logged timber

It is a criminal offence to import illegally logged timber into Australia.

If you believe your wood, pulp or paper product may include illegally logged timber, you should not import it.

If you do, and the product has come from illegal sources, you could face significant financial penalties and even prison time.

Regulated timber products

If you intend to import a regulated timber product, you need to manage the risk that your product may include illegally logged timber. This process is called ‘due diligence’. Due diligence is a documented risk assessment of your regulated timber product​.

You must complete your due diligence before you import a regulated timber product. If you fail to do this, you could face significant financial penalties.

Find out how to do due diligence.

Community Protection Question (CPQ)

You (or a customs broker acting on your behalf) will need to answer a Community Protection Question (CPQ) as part of the import declaration process:

Has the importer complied with due diligence requirements of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 and associated regulations? (if the product is exempt or does not contain timber, answer yes)

This is your declaration that you have fulfilled your due diligence requirements.

You should answer yes to the CPQ if:

  • you have done due diligence and decided there is a low risk that the product(s) contain illegally logged timber
  • the product is exempt from the due diligence requirements, or
  • the product does not include any timber or wood-fibre content (i.e.: a piece of furniture with no wood content)

You will need to answer this question every time you import a regulated timber product.

You must answer truthfully. Making a false or misleading declaration is a criminal offence.

Reporting illegal timber

We are always interested in hearing about potential illegal timber sources. If you have information about anyone dealing in illegally logged timber, you can call us on 1800 110 395 for a confidential discussion or via our online form: Report Illegal Logging.


Watch webinar recordings – these explain some of the key concepts and obligations in Australia’s illegal logging laws.

Watch a video explaining why Australia has the illegal logging laws.

See a range of resources to help with due diligence.

We have also prepared a high level factsheet  that outlines your key responsibilities under the laws.


Document Pages File size
Australia's illegal logging laws: Your responsibilities as an importer PDF 2 568 KB
Australia's illegal logging laws: Your responsibilites as an importer DOCX 3 37 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility.

Translated fact sheets are also available in several languages. These outline your key responsibilities. 


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I have a document suggesting my timber comes from legal sources. Do I still need to do due diligence?

Yes. While the document can be used to support your due diligence assessment, it does not satisfy your due diligence obligations. You still need to take all of the steps outlined on due diligence for importers.

I am importing a regulated timber product for non-commercial reasons. Do I need to do due diligence?

Yes, if the value of the regulated timber product exceeds $1000. See Regulated timber products for more information.

What if I am importing personal belongings?

If you are importing personal belongings (such as furniture from your overseas home), you do not normally need to do due diligence.

Learn more about importing personal belongings.

I am buying a regulated timber product from another business in Australia. Do I need to do due diligence?

Not if the product you intend to purchase is already in Australia. In most cases, you are only required to do due diligence if you are the importer.

I am importing a regulated timber product from a “low risk” country with minimal chance of illegal logging. Do I need to do due diligence?

Yes. Illegal logging can occur in any country. If the product is a regulated timber product, you need to do due diligence.

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Illegal logging reporting

Call 1800 110 395
See Report Illegal Logging
Email Environment Compliance Branch

Last reviewed: 7 July 2021
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