Overseas suppliers

​​​If you export wood, pulp or paper products to Australia, you are not directly regulated under Australia’s illegal logging laws. All legal obligations sit with the businesses importing the goods into Australia.

However, your Australian customers may ask you for information about where the timber or wood in your products has come from. They may also ask for evidence that the timber in the product has been legally harvested.

If your customer is unable to determine that your products come from legal sources, they cannot import them into Australia. It is in your interest to help them get the information they need.

How you can help

Your Australian customer may need to know:

  • Where the timber in your products was first harvested.
  • The country where the product was made.
  • The name/type of tree that the timber has come from.
  • Your business details, including trading name and address.
  • Any documents you can provide to show the timber was legally logged.

Australia’s illegal logging laws are similar to legislation in the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA).

These laws require businesses importing timber products to ensure they have come from legal sources.

This means that your Australian customers are likely to ask for similar information to your EU and USA customers.

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Last reviewed: 7 July 2021
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