Attachment 4: World Heritage Expert Panel Meeting Melbourne 13 14 June 1996

The Expert Panel comprised the following members:


Professor Ralph Slatyer (World Heritage, Environmental Science)
Emeritus Professor of Environmental Biology
The Australian National University
Aboriginal Cultural Values

Professor Sandra Bowdler (Aboriginal prehistory, Archaeology)
Professor of Archaeology
University of Western Australia

Dr Bill Jonas (Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, Anthropology)


Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Dr Brian Egloff (Aboriginal prehistory, Historical Archaeology)
Senior Lecturer
Cultural Heritage Studies
University of Canberra
European Cultural Values

Dr Mike Pearson (Historical archaeology, Cultural Heritage)


Heritage Management Consultants

Professor Graeme Davison (Australian history, Cultural Heritage)
Professor of History
Monash University
Natural Geology and Geomorphology Values

Professor Jim Bowler (Geomorphology, Geology)
Professorial Associate in Earth Sciences
University of Melbourne

Professor Cliff Ollier (Geomorphology, Geology)
Emeritus Professor of Geography & Planning, UNE, and Visiting Fellow, CRES, The Australian National University
Natural Fauna Values

Dr Tim Flannery (Evolution - Fauna, Palaeontology)
Head, Department of Mammalogy
Australian Museum

Dr Alan Yen (Invertebrate fauna, Ecology)
Senior Curator, Invertebrate Survey
Museum of Victoria
Natural Flora Values

Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick (Vegetation Ecology, Biogeography)
Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
University of Tasmania

Dr Bryan Barlow (Evolution - Flora, Plant systematics) former Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry, and former Head Australian National Herbarium

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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