Prawn disposal requirements

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, March 2017

Requirements apply to the disposal of prawns to manage biosecurity risk.


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The movement of prawn waste to a disposal facility must include:

  1. Wrapping waste in a plastic waterproof liner to eliminate leakage of fluids.
  2. Holding in a locked container, rubbish bin or skip, if required, prior to transport.
  3. Where required, consolidation of product at distribution centres to reduce the number of sites where the goods are being disposed. Biosecurity movement directions may be required.
  4. Transport to the disposal site by a waste provider that holds an Approved Arrangement with the department using an enclosed garbage truck, or another method approved by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Waste facilities

The facility that manages the disposal of prawns must have an Approved Arrangement (AA) under section 406 of the Biosecurity Act 2015, which includes:

  1. A process for ensuring waste is dumped in an excavated pit where it is immediately covered with 2m of fill.
  2. Adequate wash bays for all equipment, including delivery vehicles.
  3. Record keeping, including receipt, handling, control and location of burial of biosecurity waste.
  4. Appropriate security to ensure the biosecurity waste is not disturbed.
  5. Appropriate contingency plans.
  6. Appropriate supervision of all processes by a nominated senior person of the company, who is familiar with all relevant biosecurity requirements.
  7. Where there is a risk of leakage to a waterway, the disposal site may also require a waterproof lining.


  • The department has developed AA requirements for short term waste disposal facilities, for prawn waste.
  • You can find additional detail on AA requirements or associated directions.
  • It is likely that the department will need to inspect (or audit) a new facility before waste disposal can begin.
  • The department will consider alternative methods of disposal (eg incineration).


For enquiries on Approved Arrangements, please contact AA Canberra.

For all other enquiries relating to prawn imports or the prawn import suspension, please contact Imports or call 1800 900 090​.

Last reviewed: 14 September 2020
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