12-2016 - Changes to Import Document Lodgement

8 March 2016

Who does this notice affect?

All clients currently lodging import documentation for biosecurity assessment via email.

For information

Over the past year Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ( the department) has continued to modernise service delivery, making it easier for our clients to access services and meet their regulatory obligations; and for our staff to deliver efficient and seamless client service across Australia and overseas. In March 2015, the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS) was introduced as a means for clients to lodge entries online, anytime, with additional benefits including the ability to:

  • check the status of your lodgement in real time
  • provide additional documentation without losing place in the queue
  • request direction reissues and make inquiries through a single system

As a result of better managed services and efficiencies via COLS the department has decided to reduce the email lodgement option which does not have any of the benefits COLS does for our clients.

Therefore the department will be closing email for import document lodgement as of 30 March 2016.

From this date all clients requesting assessments of their import documentation will be required to use the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS) for lodgement of Full Import Declarations.

Over the coming weeks we will inform you of the new email that will be available for the exceptions below.

Currently, there will be exceptions to this for lodgements relating to:

  • Ships stores
  • Personal effects
  • Transhipment requests
  • Military machinery consignments
  • Carnets

The option will remain open for forms of communication relating to:

  • Imported Food Laboratory nomination forms
  • Overtime booking requests

Further information?

For more information on COLS please go to our website. A user guide, questions & answers and tool tips for users of the system have been updated and are also available on our website. If you would like to provide feedback or have a question regarding COLS, please email us COLS transition.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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