07-2017 – BICON case structure amendments to timber products

​​​25 January 2017

Who does this n​otice affect?

This notice is of interest to importers of timber and timber products and associated industry participants and retailers.

What’s changed?

As a part of the Import Conditions Review for Timber commodities, the following BICON cases have been updated/created and will be implemented on 9/02/2017.

  • Timber
  • Logs, Log cabins and oversized timber
  • Burnt Pine Longicorn flight season-affected timber from New Zealand.

The following cases will be turned off:

  • Manufactured wooden articles.
  • Timber and timber mouldings.
  • Reconstituted wood products.
  • Plywood, veneer and articles.

The following cases will be amended to reflect the changes:

  • Oak barrels and chestnut bark hoops.
  • Wooden manufactured articles that may contain bark.

Importers should check the import requirements on 9/02/2017 as amendments to import conditions have been made within the new cases.

Key changes to import conditions:

  • Changes to the time required to treat items prior to export:
    • For manufactured wooden articles 6 months
    • For unfinished timber 90 days (previously timber and timber mouldings)
  • Additional documentation requirement for manufactured wooden articles: to supply a manufacturer’s or supplier’s declarati​on in addition to a treatment certificate to provide assurance that goods have been stored to minimise risk of re-infestation by pests of concern.
  • The creation of a low risk wooden article list for wooden items deemed to pose minimal biosecurity risk:
    • All plywood items (except veneer sheets imported via break bulk from New Zealand during Burnt Pine Longicorn season) will feature on the Low Risk Wooden Article list.

Further Information

For more information on the import conditions review please email Plant.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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