24-2017 – Request for Industry Feedback: Minimum Documentary and Import Declaration Requirements and Non Commodity Information Requirements Policies

​​21 March 2017

Who does this notice affect?

Clients who refer to the Minimum Documentary and Import Declaration Requirements Policy and the Non Commodity Information Requirements Policy to determine and demonstrate compliance with information requirements and documentary standards when importing goods.


To align with the Biosecurity Act 2015, these policies received minor amendments in June 2016.

The content of these policies was last reviewed in 2015. The outcome of this review is detailed on the Documentary policy review 2015 webpage.

The department is now reviewing the policies again.

We are seeking feedback from clients on sections of the policies that:

  • require clarification,
  • present barriers to contemporary business practices, or
  • don’t align with other operational policies or procedures.

We request that feedback is provided as a single consolidated response from your company/ association by 14 April 2017. Please ensure you provide contact details of an appropriate staff member who can be contacted if any clarification is required.

Clients who wish to provide feedback on these policies are invited to send submissions via email to Entry Management.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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