25-2017 – Soil and water import conditions update

21 March 2017

Who does this notice affect?

Importers of soil, articles containing soil, and water.

What has changed?

The Department’s Animal and Biological Import Assessments Branch (ABIAB) is currently undertaking an Import Conditions Review (ICR) to contribute to the delivery of a key initiative in the Australian Government’s 2015 Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper.

The review of soil, articles containing soil, and water was recently finalised. As a result of the review some changes will be made to associated import conditions. The key changes are summarised below:  

Change Further information

An updated definition of soil will be included in the ‘Soil and related articles’ and the ‘Mineral and metal ores, rock and sand’ commodity cases.

Definition to be included:

Definition: Soils are the unconsolidated material on the earth’s surface. They are aggregates of minerals, water, decomposed animal and plant material and micro-organisms.

Other commodities that may be covered by this classification [soil and articles containing soil] are subsoil, aquatic or marine soil, sediments, silt and soil-like samples without evidence of origin.

Streamlined import options will be presented at the beginning of the case, to simplify navigation.

The available options are presented to importers, to better allow selection of the most relevant case, rather than asking multiple questions.

Revised import conditions for sea and ocean water

Removal of supplier and importer’s declarations attesting to freedom from marine pathogens. Addition of inspection requirement upon arrival.

Reduced import conditions for rose water and orange flower water

Removal of requirement that the scented water must be commercially bottled. 

Further information

When these changes are implemented, a BICON Alert will be issued.

For further information, or to provide feedback on the proposed changes regarding soil and water, please contact us via one of the following methods:

Email: ABIAB Import Conditions Review

Call: 1800 900 090 (Prompt 1, then Prompt 6, & ask for the ABIAB ICR section)

Last reviewed: 13 May 2020
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