36-2017 - Implementation of new and revised approved arrangements for the management of imported perishable plant products, effective 10 April 2017

​10 April 2017

Who does this notice affect?

Industry stakeholders that deal with imported fresh fruit and vegetables, nursery stock and cut flowers (perishables) consignments including importers, Approved Arrangement (AA) Class 1.2 and 2.4 operators, freight forwarders and brokers.


To advise industry of:

  • The implementation date of 10 April for:
  • New AA Class 2.41 – Verification of Packaging for Airfreight Perishables.  
  • Revised requirements for AA Class 2.4 – Fresh Produce, Nursery Stock and Cut Flowers.
  • Requirements for completion of the ‘Direction Request’ stage of the Cargo Online Lodgement System (COLS) process for perishable consignments imported as airfreight and for which the department’s import conditions require a verification of packaging inspection prior to movement from the CTO.

What’s changed?

Perishable consignment verification of packaging inspections

From 10 April, options exist for verification of packaging inspections to be completed by either:

  • a biosecurity industry participant that holds AA Class 2.41 approval, or
  • the department.

Industry can now apply for a Class 2.41 AA to perform verification of packaging inspections of perishable consignments imported as air freight on behalf of the department. Information relating to the application process and the AA Class 2.4 and 2.41 requirements for approval can be found on the department’s Approved Arrangement webpage.

Important note: The department will no longer allow the movement of unsecure consignments in an enclosed vehicle. Consignments must be secured prior to movement e.g. by shrink wrapping.

BICON update

Import conditions for commodities that require a verification of packaging inspection have been updated to reflect the options for how these inspections may be conducted. These changes include specifying the directions applicable to each option, as follows:

  • BIP performed inspection – Verification – CTO Verification (VPAP)
  • Department performed inspection – Verification – CTO verification.

COLS lodgement for perishable consignments

For air freight perishable consignment that require a verification of packaging inspection as per import conditions, brokers must specify which inspection direction option they wish to receive when they lodge documents in COLS. The following information must be provided at the ‘Direction Request’ stage:

Direction Request field Information
DirectionInspection of Goods
  1. Where under VPAP:

Verification – CTO Verification (VPAP) by <broker to Insert VPAP holder name and AA number>

  1. Where by ISG Biosecurity officer:

Verification – CTO Verification

Treatment/Destruction TypeNA
Nominated siteClass 1.2 CTO at which inspection is to be performed
AA nameOptional – must match nominated site details, if completed.
AA number

Where the inspection option preference is not stipulated in ‘Direction/Line/Container’ field, or where no or a non-approved VPAP holder is nominated, the department will assign a Verification – CTO verification direction.

Arrangement consultation

Industry were consulted on the proposed AA Class 2.4 and 2.41 requirements in January and February 2017. Notification of intention to implement was advised through Import Industry Advice Notice 05-2017, and targeted correspondence to those entities whose existing AA was directly impacted.

Further Information

If you require further information, please contact the Approved Arrangements section.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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