110-2018 - New approved arrangement for the performance of sulfuryl fluoride fumigations

5 September 2018

Who does this notice affect?

Industry stakeholders that deal with goods subject to biosecurity control requiring onshore treatment and for which sulfuryl fluoride (SF) fumigation is an available option.


To advise industry that applications for approval as an approved arrangement (AA) Class 12.2 – Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation biosecurity industry participant (BIP) can now be submitted to the department.

Industry operators wishing to perform SF fumigations under the direction of the department must apply for and become approved as a class 12.2 BIP.


The department has recently finalised the biosecurity measures for the 2018-19 brown marmorated stink bug season. These measures prescribe mandatory treatment for specific cargo imported on specific pathways. The department offers SF fumigation as a treatment option, both offshore and onshore.

To gain assurance of the effectiveness of treatments conducted the department has developed a Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation methodology (the methodology), which prescribes the manner in which SF fumigations are performed. An approved arrangement has been developed to provide regulatory oversight of these treatments.

Further Information

AA class 12.2 requirements
Approved Arrangements application information
Training and accreditation for approved arrangements

If you require further information please contact Approved Arrangements section at AA Canberra

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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