117-2018 - Change to Biosecurity Approved Arrangement Charges

Who does this notice affect?

Biosecurity industry participants that are the holder of a biosecurity approved arrangement, including those operating under broker classes 19.1 and/or 19.2:

  • Class 19.1: Non-commodity for Containerised Cargo Clearance (NCCC);
  • Class 19.2: Automatic Entry Processing for Commodities (AEPCOMM).

What has changed?

Under the previous charging framework, all operators of approved arrangements pay an annual levy of $2,900 per Australian Business Number (ABN). This has now been changed.

What are the new charges?

The revised charges are:

  • Participants who operate a single approved arrangement under the Automatic Entry Processing (AEP) scheme will pay:
    • an annual registration charge of $500; and
    • a charge of $18 per AEP entry. 

The annual charge ensures brokers who are approved to operate in the AEP scheme but do not process any AEP entries still contribute to the cost of operating the scheme.

  • Participants that participate in the AEP scheme and also operate another approved arrangement will pay:
    • an annual registration charge of $2,900; and
    • a charge of $18 per AEP entry.
  • Biosecurity industry participants with one approved arrangement site that is not under the AEP scheme will pay an annual charge of $2,500.

Biosecurity industry participants with more than one approved arrangement site will pay an annual charge of $2,900.

Please refer to the industry advice notice of 21 November 2017 for further background on the proposed new charges.

When will the new charges be implemented?

The new annual charges apply for the 2018-19 financial year. Annual billing will be issued in mid October 2018.

The $18 per AEP entry charge will commence on 12 October 2018.


Approved arrangements, previously Quarantine Approved Premises and Compliance Agreements, are voluntary arrangements entered into with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Biosecurity approved arrangements were introduced as part of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

All approved arrangement participants contribute to the cost of providing the approved arrangements system.

The department has undertaken a review of the approved arrangement charging framework in response to stakeholder concerns regarding the approved arrangement annual charge. The outcome of the review (including a six week public consultation period) has resulted in a proposed change to the charge points and their price.

The addition of a throughput based charge to recover costs associated with Automated Entry Processing activities, provides a more equitable and focused charge for operators under the Automatic Entry Processing scheme.

Further information

Biosecurity industry participants or stakeholders requiring further information are encouraged to contact the department at Cost Recovery.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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