151-2018 - Commencement of Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) flight season measures for 2018-19

22 October 2018

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is of interest to relevant international vessel masters and shipping agents.

What has changed?

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) will commence its annual heightened surveillance regime for managing the risks posed by Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) beetles on vessels departing from New Zealand from midnight 23 October 2018 (NZST).

The Maritime Arrival Reporting System (MARS) will send a BPL Questionnaire to targeted vessels, after submission of the Pre-Arrival Report. The Maritime National Coordination Centre (MNCC) will then advise, through the Biosecurity Status Document (BSD), if a BPL inspection or any specific biosecurity risk mitigation measures are required.

The department is requesting vessel masters and crew to remain vigilant for BPL and advise the department, as soon as possible, of any suspected detections of BPL.

The department has developed a BPL webpage to assist vessel masters and crew to detect BPL.

Early detection and accurate reporting of pests such as BPL prior to arrival greatly assists in managing the risk offshore where possible and minimise the level of intervention by the department on arrival.

Further information

The department will issue further notification advising of the conclusion of the BPL Flight Season. If you require further information or assistance:

  • Arriving vessels – contact the department’s Maritime National Coordination Centre by email to the MNCC or phone 1300 004 605 (in Australia) or +61 8 8201 6185 (outside Australia). Information on pre-arrival reporting for maritime vessels can be found on the department’s website under Vessels.
  • Commodities that are imported under the following BICON cases are also affected:
    • Timber and timber products
    • Logs, Log Cabins and Oversized timber
    • BPL affected timber from New Zealand
  • Commodity import requirements for affected commodities - refer to BICON or contact Plant Import Operations, or telephone 1800 900 090
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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