189-2018 - UPDATE: Update on AIMS Issues Department of Agriculture Import Processing Delays - AIMS only (AEPCOM and Imported Food automated processing unaffected)

​​​​17 December 2018

Who does this notice affect?

Importers and brokers of cargo who are awaiting clearance or document assessment from the Department of Agriculture since the 14th of December 2018.


An initial fix for the issues was deployed successfully early Friday evening. This fix resolved the system performance issues and messaging delays being experienced by importers and brokers for all declaration types.

An additional fix will be deployed today which will address the remaining issues causing delays to the documentary assessment and inspection processes. Please note, documentary processing and inspection times may be slightly longer than normal through the course of today whilst the fix is being tested and deployed.

The department worked across the weekend to resolve the IT issues and to try and clear the backlog of documents requiring assessment.

A further update will be provided within the next 24 hours, once the additional fix has been deployed.

Further Information

If you have any concerns or questions please contact your regional office for further information.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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