19-2018 - Potential Disruption to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources IT System – 19:00 Friday, 2 March to 20:00 Monday, 5 March 2018 (AEDT)

​​​​23 February 2018

Who does this notice affect?

This notice affects importers, shipping agents, vessel operators, airports and airlines.


To advise industry and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) users of a potential disruption to IT systems and other Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ (the department’s) system services between 19:00 Friday, 2 March to 20:00 Monday, 5 March 2018 (AEDT).

Summary of key points

  • The department is undertaking an upgrade to its network services on Friday, 2 March 2018.  
  • The likelihood of any disruption to the department’s systems during the upgrade is extremely low.
  • In the unlikely event of a system disruption, the department needs to be in a position to effectively respond and minimise any adverse impact to industry.
  • Potentially, the following will be unavailable:
    • EDI messaging between Department of Agriculture and Department of Home Affairs (messages will be queued and processed after the outage period).  
    • electronic processing and clearance of all cargo and vessels
    • processing of payments and invoice payment receipts
    • application, assessment or issuance of Import Permits
    • Approved arrangement online applications
    • electronic lodgement of pre-arrival reports
    • Aircraft Disinsection Information (ADI) database will not be able to be accessed or updated by airlines
    • lodgement and assessment of imported cargo documentation
    • creation and management of post entry quarantine bookings for the Mickleham PEQ facility
    • electronic processing/recording of mail and airport interception/detections
    • land line telephones, email and other systems including the departments website
  • If a disruption occurs, initial priority will be given to urgent and time critical services. For example, services relating to time sensitive cargo such as medical and emergency goods and goods which cannot be adequately sustained during periods of short term storage.

Actions required

  • Complete and lodge any consignment documentation, permit applications, vessel pre-arrival applications and/or requests for inspections prior to the commencement of this maintenance.
  • Consider rescheduling 3-5 March shipments to an earlier or later date.
  • Overtime bookings for perishable airfreight shipments will continue as per usual.

Actions by the department

  • The department will work with clients to deliver scheduled pre-booked inspections of commercial cargo.
  • Clearance of mail, and passengers will not be affected during an outage.

Contingency arrangements (in the event of an outage)

  • Standard import contingency arrangements including manual releases and directions will be enacted.
  • For cargo, please see the Cargo Contingency Arrangements on the department’s website for more information prior to 2 March.

Further information

  • In the event of a system disruption, if you have an urgent enquiry call 1800 900 090.
  • Vessel operators should contact the Maritime National Coordination Centre on 1300 004 605 for any enquiries.
  • For enquiries prior to 2 March, contact your local departmental office as listed below:


Regional office contacts

Port/ airport contacts


+61 2 6272 3933



+61 8 8201 6140

+61 8 8201 6213


+61 7 3246 8755



+61 8 8998 4900

+61 8 8920 7080


+61 3 8318 6700

+61 3 8318 8211


+61 8 9334 1555



+61 2 8334 7444

+61 2 8016 8501



+61 2 6272 5474



+61 7 4241 7886

Gold Coast


+61 7 5658 1300

Port Headland


+61 8 9132 0275



+61 7 4789 7819


Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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