53-2018 - Email configuration change for broker class approved arrangements Class 19.1 Approved Arrangement: Non-commodity for containerised cargo (NCCC) and Class 19.2 Approved Arrangement: Automatic Entry Processing for Commodities (AEPCOMM)

12 June 2018

Who does this notice affect?

Biosecurity Industry Participants operating under the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Class 19.1 Approved Arrangement: Non-commodity for containerised cargo (NCCC) and Class 19.2 Approved Arrangement: Automatic Entry Processing for Commodities (AEPCOMM).

What has changed?

The department is changing its information database for Broker Approved Arrangements. This includes a significant change to the email configuration in the Agriculture Import Management System (AIMS) for Automatic Entry Processing (AEP) generated directions.

From 23 June 2018 all directions generated by AEP will be emailed to the email address nominated in the brokerage branch field in the Integrated Cargo System (ICS).

This change will enable biosecurity industry participants under class 19.1 (NCCC) and 19.2 (AEPCOMM) to update email details for AEP directions without having to contact the department. It is a requirement under AA class 19.1 (NCCC) and AA class 19.2 (AEPCOMM) that the BIP ensures they receive and comply with directions issued by the department.

In addition to this, where applicable, AEP generated biosecurity directions will also be sent to the importer and the nominated approved arrangement premise (AA site) for goods that require biosecurity intervention.

AEP generated directions can only be sent to the importer and the AA site if:

  • Importers have registered their email in the ICS
  • AA sites have registered their email with the department to receive directions as part of their AA registration.

In addition to system generated directions, any non-compliance advice notices issued in AIMS by the department will also be sent to the nominated email address located in the brokerage branch field for the corresponding branch ID in ICS. As only one email address is available to be registered in the ICS, it is the responsibility of the BIP to ensure directions and non-compliance advice notices are distributed to the appropriate contacts and actioned in accordance with the AA requirements.

Notably, where the location of a direction for biosecurity intervention requires amendment, the BIP is responsible for informing the relevant parties of the change.

In preparation for the upcoming changes BIPs are asked to ensure that the email address in the ICS branch field has been updated to ensure directions will be sent to the appropriate mailbox.  Instructions for adding and amending client contact details in ICS can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website ICS resources and guides.

Further information

For further information please see the Automatic Entry Processing (AEP) Reform web page.  Please contact AEP support if you have any questions.

Last reviewed: 4 January 2021
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