03-2019 – Reminder - fees and charges for aircraft disinsection

8 January 2019

Who does this notice affect?

This notice affects all airline/aircraft operators of international aircraft arriving into Australia.


To remind airlines/aircraft operators that fees and charges apply when an airline has not undertaken the activities required to meet their disinsection requirements, in accordance with the department’s Charging guidelines 2017.


Under the departments Charging guidelines 2017, charges are applicable when:

  1. the Aircraft Disinsection Information database has not been updated by aircraft operators when on an Aircraft Disinsection Approved Arrangement.
  2. disinsection is not performed correctly or not performed at all.
  3. additional on-arrival treatment is performed under supervision.
  4. administration including assessing documents, non-compliance reporting and invoicing is performed in relation to disinsection activity.

When a biosecurity officer attends an aircraft in relation to disinsection activities and identifies a non-compliance, the officer will charge their time at the ‘fee for service’ rate according to the Charging guidelines 2017.

Further information

Please note: this notice clarifies and isolates relevant aircraft disinsection charging information but does not replace, supersede or override the official departmental Charging Guidelines 2017. Industry stakeholders and clients should only use the charging guidelines on the department’s website as the most current, official source of charging information.


General inquiries about invoices for the fees and charges for aircraft disinsection e-mail Arrivals.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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