129-2019 - The department is implementing a number of new fresh produce commodities onto the Compliance Based Intervention Scheme (CBIS)

7 August 2019

Who does this notice affect?

Importers and brokers of:

  • Fresh stone fruit and cherries from New Zealand
  • Fresh capsicum and peppers from New Zealand
  • Fresh oranges from the United States
  • Fresh immature coconuts (all countries)

What has changed?

The department is incorporating a number of fresh produce commodities onto the Compliance-based Intervention Scheme (CBIS). This change is scheduled to take effect on the 9 August 2019.

The change may require you to lodge some fresh produce commodities differently in the Integrated Cargo System (ICS), with an AQIS Commodity Code (ACC). Where an ACC code is required, this will be specified in the relevant BICON case.

More information about the new commodities, including a list of ACC codes will be published on the departments CBIS webpage.

Further information

If you have any further questions, please email Imports (Tier 2- CBIS) or telephone 1800 900 090.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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